6 Reasons to List your Home over the Holidays

    It seems silly and overwhelming, but one of the best ways to sell your home might be listing over the holidays. Say what? Yes. We said it. List your home over the holidays. Now, you may be thinking ‘how in the world will that help me?’ Lets go over some of the tips to listing your home over the holidays.

    1. Home is Staged to Sell

    What other season is your home beautifully decorated for? Most people love a well decorated home, especially one decorated for the holidays. There is something about the holiday season that brings out your inner child, takes you back to all those memories you had growing up, and even makes you a little bit happier. So hold your home open over the holidays and let potential buyers see if they can see themselves making their own holiday memories there.

    2. More Serious Buyers

    If buyers are house searching over the holidays, they are considered pretty serious buyers. Wouldn’t you want serious buyers touring your home? We would sure hope so. Serious buyers will look at homes no matter the weather outside, the time of year, or how busy they may be. Bottom line is they need to find a new home and your’s may be the one.

    3. Great Curb Appeal

    How long did it take you to hang up your holiday lights? Well, it might be worth it! We don’t get a whole lot of daylight in the winter months and potential buyers may be pulling up to your home in the dark. What better way to showcase your property than by lighting it up for the holidays? It will not only make your home stand out, it will leave them with a picture in the their mind when they think about putting an offer on the home.

    4. Fewer Competitors

    You are probably reading this because you are wondering why you would list your home over the holidays or you are reinstating to yourself that you made a great decision to list your home over the holidays. (There are probably many other reasons) Historically, there are fewer homes on the market in the winter months meaning, BINGO, your home will get noticed even more! So go ahead and market your home like crazy because it will be worth it.

    5. More Time to Shop

    Toward the end of the year many individuals need to use up their PTO/Vacation time leaving buyers more time to shop around! This is good for you because again you are going to be dealing with more serious buyers. If you are listing your home, chances are you may be needing to buy one as well! This time of the year may be perfect since you have more time to search. This whole more time thing can keep going, because even your Realtor may have more time to spend marketing your home and more time searching for your new one.

    6. Emotions are High

    The busiest time of the year comes along with many emotions. The reason a buyer decides to put offer on a home is because they have already become emotionally attached to the property. During this time people are stressed, happy, sad, excited, etc. They are more likely to get emotionally attached to a home more quickly than average purely because they are already in that state of mind.

    Are you interested yet? The holidays can be stressful, but listing your home over the holidays doesn’t have to be!



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